“Hey, I got a Social Disease!”

Anyone else remember that line from West Side Story and why it’s funny?

I “attended” 4 PetSmart webinars on Social Media one by Guidestar on Capital Campaigns in the 21st Century, and one by TechSoup on Social Media fundraising.  I think Social Media is not only essential for the Big organizations, but an incredible opportunity for the smaller ones to build a base of supporters without having to put money into advertising, printing and mailing. 

And I’m obsessed with Social Media now.  So I had to go back to explore blogging.

That last webinar included the statements “If anyone says they’re an expert on Social Media, they’re lying.  It’s too new and constantly changing for anyone to be an expert.”  And yet the same person went on to make the same kind of sweeping generalizations made in the other webinars and other sources on Social Media.  Such as:

– In 2012:
• The average cost for a Facebook Like was $3.50
• The average value of that Like was $214.81 over the   next year

How could anyone possibly calculate that?  And why should I think such averages would apply to our kind of sites.  I’ve found non-profits don’t belong in comparison with businesses, and animal non-profits are significantly different from other kinds.  Oh well.  These seminars gave me some guidelines I think are valuable to start off with.  And I’ve always got Spay/Neuter messaging to do.  Including this month’s Oktoberfest.



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