Lisa’s crock pot catfood

In crock pot:Image

1/3 cup brown rice
1 cups water
1 lb ground turkey or chicken- often available frozen pretty cheap (Walmart, Grocery Outlet)
salt or lite salt
1 lb chicken liver
1 carrot (opt)

optional: leftovers, broth and/or some veggies

Cook 4-8 hours.  I do this overnight.

Mix in:

1/2 c pumpkin (opt – I usually have carrot or pumpkin, but not both)
3 T bone meal (or other calcium supplement)
powdered cat vitamins (read label for recommended amount.  I’d say about 10 daily recommended dosages)
powdered Lysine (opt)

ImageMix in food processor.  Freeze. After rethawing, it has a crumbly texture my cats seem to prefer, instead of the gummy texture it has initially.  Oddly, they may it eat fresh out of the food processor, when the smell of cooking is in the air, but turn their noses up at the same thing the next meal.  They also don’t much like it if I don’t food process it.  Or rather, they’ll pick out the liver and drag it all over the RV in the process of eating it and manage to avoid eating the rice.

Basic recipe can be done in microwave or on the stove.


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