Another look at Los Angeles animal shelter statistics

I have a couple sources for stats and I went looking for more, then put them all together.

Imagehas totals by county, and I have them all combined in an Excel spreadsheet.  I just put the latest update (2012 stats added) on my website,  The Excel file for these charts is there also.

LA Animal Services (city of LA) has stats available

The County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control has stats available  They list the shelters (cities?) separately, and my Fiscal Year, while the other stats are by calendar year.

A total of 9 agencies with 20 shelter locations provide municipal animal services within Los Angeles Metro.  There are many other shelters and rescues that don’t have animal control contracts.  None that I have found, except the above, have stats online.  Only one I found (Pasadena Humane Society) even has their Annual Report online, and that’s only for one year, 2012.  I’m particularly ashamed of SPCALA, where I first volunteered which used to be open about its stats.


In these charts I use the stats from the Rabies Control for the entire county, the City’s single stat and the County’s multiple stats, the one year I have for Pasadena, plus a total for all the individual areas.  Since I don’t have any data from the other 6 agencies that do Animal Control and none from those that don’t, it’s surprising that the total equals or exceeds the entire county figures sometimes.  All of these figures might or might not be excluding Owner Requested Euthanasia, Dead on Arrival or transfers between agencies. The difference between calendar and fiscal year may have an effect.

The irregularity of the Rabies Control county figure suggests to me a lot of variability in which shelters report each year.  I suspect these “total” numbers give the most accurate picture of the community trend that we have, and, isn’t it nice, it’s showing improvement.

ImageI also found that, in addition to the city of LA, other cities have passed mandatory s/n ordinances, some with “contributions to a s/n program.”



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