Maddie’s in Utah

The entire state of Utah got one of the first Community Coalition grants from Maddie’s Fund.  Did it succeed?

No More Homeless Pets in Utah¹

Dates: 2000-2005
Funding: $8,501,362

No More Homeless Pets in Utah operated throughout Utah’s urban, suburban and rural communities, over 84,900 square miles and in 230 cities. The state’s population is 2.5 million.

The No More Homeless Pets in Utah coalition consisted of 28 adoption guarantee organizations, 54 animal control agencies, one traditional shelter and 91 private practice veterinarians. The lead agency was Best Friends Animal Society.

ImageLooks good, right?  But they don’t say anything about what happens after Maddie’s stops pouring in millions to promote adoptions without doing enough s/n.

ImageAfter Maddies, intake and euthanasia go up.  Only after a high-volume clinic opened did real change happen.

Max correlations are: Cat s/n and euthanasia two years later correlate -0.804, Dog s/n and intake two years later correlate -0.749.²

The only 2013 figures I have are Jan-July. I annualized them, but, of course, with most of kitten season coming later, well, I wouldn’t have included them except they mostly followed the existing trend, so they may be pretty close.³

ImageAnother example of what happens after a Maddie’s Community Coalition grant is from Lodi, CA in San Joaquin County.  Notice how far apart the intake and euthanasia lines are even before the Maddie’s grant.  The distance is mostly adoptions.  But even before the Maddie’s grant ended, the adoption market was saturated, and the intake and euthanasia lines close up, especially for cats.  But when s/n brings intake down, even when adoptions are static, euthanasia drops like a rock.

pin in hand 2


² Pearson product moment correlation coefficient –



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