Lisa’s Resumé – Who is this person anyway and why does she think she knows so much?

In case anyone wants to know.


1980, B. A. in Computer Science from the State University of New York University at Buffalo, cum laude

Work History

1980-1982, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD. Mathematician.

1982-1984, McDonnell Douglas Automation, Stanton, CA. Computer Analyst.

1984-1989, Xerox, Hawthorne, CA. Computer Analyst.lisa

1989-present, disabled from full-time employment.

Volunteer Activities

November 2013-present, Humane Research Council. Social Media Manager,

July 2013-present, Lisa’s Virtual Zoo. Zookeeper,

December 2012-present, Central Oregon Cat Alliance, Bend, OR. Data Wrangler, Social Media Manager,

June 2008-present, Save the Pets, Eugene, OR. Grant writer, Captain, webmaster and Social Media Manager of Project Spay Ship,, To Jan 2009, BOD and Treasurer.

March 2008-2013, West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue, Eugene, OR. 2008-2012, Adoption Councilor, lisa n kittens 400foster home.

2009-present Spay and Neuter Intervention Project, People Ending senseless Death (S/Nipped) Coos Bay, OR. Advisor, Data Wrangler, liaison.

2004-present WAG, Eugene, OR. Advisor, Data Wrangler, researcher. 2007-2010 and 2013-present, webmaster, 2008-2011, Secretary, sterilization technician. 2013-present, Social Media Manager,

2004-present, Spay Neuter Investment Project (SNIP), Prineville, OR. Advisor, webmaster, 2012-present, Social Media Manager,

2007-2011, Stop Pet Overpopulation Today (SPOT), Eugene, OR. Advisor, grant writer, webmaster

2004-2006, Pets of Milton-Freewater, Milton-Freewater, OR. Advisor, grant writer, webmaster, adoption events, foster home.

Jan-Feb 2005, Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO). Data Wrangler, crisis team.

Dec 2004-Jan 2005, Best Friends, New Orleans, LA. Data Wrangler, crisis team.

Nov-Dec 2004, Alley Cat Allies, New Orleans, LA. Data Wrangler, crisis team, laundress.

2002-2005, All 4 Animals, Coquille and Milton-Freewater, OR. Founder, BOD, Treasurer, Executive Officer, grant writer, webmaster, adoption events, foster home, Neutermobile Local Host/Scheduling Coordinator.Cel Lisa ON in Crook nov 1 03

2002-2004, POPPA/Oregon Neutermobile, Portland, OR. BOD, Director of Marketing, Local Host Support, grant writer, webmaster.

1999-2002, Friends of Animals With Needs (FAWN), Coquille, OR. Webmaster, grant writer, adoption events, foster home.

1998-2000, Women’s Crisis Service, Coos Bay, OR. Webmaster, grant writer, Court Advocate.

1994-1998, Lake Elsinore Animal Friends (LEAF), Lake Elsinore, CA. Adoption events, office work.

1990-1993, Wildlife Waystation, Angeles National Forest, CA. Tour guide, animal handler, membership development, bookkeeper, receptionist.

1988-1990, Kitten Rescue, Hawthorne, CA. Founder, adoption events, foster home.

1988-1989, Tender Loving Cat Los Angeles, CA. Adoption events, foster home.

1988-1989, People and Cats Together Redondo Beach, CA. Adoption events, foster home.

1988-1989, Felines and Friends, Los Angeles, CA. Adoption events, foster home.

1988-1989, Pet Pride, Los Angeles, CA. Cat socializer.

1987-1988, Los Angeles SPCA. Adoption Counselor, adoption events, foster home.



About Capt'n Lisa

In transition
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