Oregon is a model for the effectiveness of Spay/Neuter clinics

All Oregon w adoptions sn may 1 14

Yes, this chart really is a summary of an awful lot of information.  Not theory.  Not a projection from a small sample.  It includes information from every shelter in Oregon that I know about (well, there’s one for-profit shelter in NE Oregon I don’t have info on) and many rescues.  I have access to fairly ON logodetailed records from the s/n clinics, as I was involved in the Oregon Neutermobile (I named it and made the logo) from the start and most of the clinics were started by ON’s local hosts.

I don’t have data from each shelter for each year, but values for the missing years were interpolated to keep the totaled values reasonably accurate.  There were also a few cases where there were obvious typos, and those values were replaced by interpolations, too.

Notice that, with all the effort put into promoting adoptions all these years, although adoptions have increased, it’s been only very slowly and not nearly enough to reduce euthanasia significantly.

I am sickened by what is happening in Alabama.  http://www.al.com/opinion/index.ssf/2014/05/low-cost_spayneuter_clinics_on.htmltop 10 coverc


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