The Infertile Crescent: North Carolina’s Spay/Neuter clinics’ impact

If you study the NC map I posted last blog, you will notice areas of low shelter euthanasia near spay/neuter clinics that I’ve dubbed “The Infertile Crescent.”

NC has a statewide license-plate s/n voucher program, and is the home of the Humane Alliance, probably the result of their pet overpopulation — one of the highest state rates of shelter intake and euthanasia I’ve seen.  But things are improving by leaps and bounds in some areas serviced by high-volume spay/neuter clinics.  I looked at the Gaston area in a previous blog.

The Fix A Friend clinic opened in Brunswick County just 8 months ago.  Previously, they had been benefiting from the Cape Fear Clinic in New Hanover County, but with the increase in volume, the Brunswick shelter has seen an improvement in the first 1 months of 2014 compared to 2013.


I’m really looking forward to watching this area.



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