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My Twitter friend @Caretaker_Cat asked me to make this. Not being familiar with the tv show, I probably can’t appreciate it fully, but I had fun making it.

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Stochastic Demographic Simulation

I wonder if this post will get a lot of traffic because people will think I’m talking dirty. But, no, this is just my typical passion for numbers and spay/neuter. Let me share some numbers I just figured out … Continue reading

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New Jersey Animal Shelters’ Report Cards for Dogs

Originally posted on NJ Animal Observer:
In my last blog, I disclosed New Jersey’s depressing animal shelter statistics. This blog explains why so many dogs are losing their lives in the state’s animal shelters and whether these facilities can end…

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How Many Feral Cats Are There? — Spay/Neuter and TNR

No One Knows.  There are people out there who say they do, but they don’t really. I went to a volunteer orientation at my local shelter, and read through their web page first.  So when the instructor said there were … Continue reading

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New Years Resolution: blog more

HRC’s just updated this with CA’s 2013 data. They continue to show good effects for s/n clinics.

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