The Kittens Are Coming!

I’m seeing a shocking jump in my Craigslist Kitten Index (CLKI) almost everywhere. So far, I’m seeing confirmation from shelter stats that there’s a population explosion going on, I’m assuming from the record warm winter we just went through. I see a disaster on the horizon.

(For background on CLKI see and
peak clki aug 2015
CLKI’s usually peak after Aug 1 on the West Coast, earlier on the East Coast, but the peak values for the year are already above 2014.

A few shelters put monthly stats online and those I’ve looked at so far seem to confirm this.

image004 (2) image007

Cat and unweaned kitten intake always peaks in May for LAAS.  This May was an all-time high intake for unweaned kittens, but a record low for dogs.

image004I don’t have as much historical data for Austin, but it looks the same.

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